What is the difference between the terms laser, inkjet, photocopier, MFC

What is the difference between the terms laser, inkjet, photocopier, MFC

When buying a printing device for your office it can be confusing deciding which of the various names and terms for printers to use and how these terms differ..

1. A Laser printer – these use a laser beam (or LED array) to heat-fuse dry ink (toner) to the paper. They are a relatively small size, very fast and extremely high quality for black and white or greyscale printing. They also use large toner cartridges which have a print yield of 2400 to 15000 pages. They also come in colour versions, but these are expensive and have dull colours compared to inkjets.

2. An Injket printer – these use small nozzles to fire drops of liquid ink at the paper from 4 separate cartridges (black and primary colours). They are usually small printers, the cheapest to buy, but are slow, have very expensive cartridges that only last around 200 pages but can print colour photos in glorious colour on the right paper.

3. A photocopier (or copier) – these are large and expensive machines that have a laser printer at the heart, a scanner on top and multiple paper trays and extra features that may include stapling, paper collating and faxing or emailing. The printing is the same as the laser above, but they often come with larger toner cartridges.

4. An MFC (multifunction centre) – these are basically the same as a photocopier, but often smaller in size. They include all-in-one: a printer (usually laser), a scanner, photocopier and often fax machine and support for emailing scanned documents.

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