Toilets They Are No Joke

Toilets…They are no joke.

Did you hear about the pationt who called up the Incontinence Hotline only to be told “Could you hold on please”? Ah, toilet humour – We all have a childish side to us, but when it comes to business, the washroom is som

etimes overlooked as being part of the overall perception of a company.

If you run a business that involves the public visiting your premises and staying on site for any length of time, then we would like to think that you have all this sorted already and the washroom facilities are in pristine condition, and regularly checked and cleaned.

Surveys have proved that approximately half of people would go on to tell friends and family about a negative toilet experience, and almost the same amount who would avoid going to an establishment based on a poor toilet review.

But if you run an office, warehouse or private business, then washroom provision and cleanliness is less important, right? WOH, hold on – No, you are very wrong there!!

If you ever have visitors to your premises; be it suppliers, clients, service provides or even if you employ any number of staff…What is the first impression they are getting if your washroom is anything other than spick and span and fully stocked. By that we mean you should never ever let your washroom run out of soap, hand towels or loo rolls – However good your business is, the human brain will remember the unpleasant toilet experience over and above anything else you may potentially present thereafter.

Fortunately we are able to help out here. As well as all your stationery supplies, we are specialists in the provision of washroom supplies to offices and businesses. We can provide next day delivery of all your washroom and cleaning supplies from toilets rolls and disinfectants to colour coded mops & bins and wall fixing hand towel dispensers.

You would never leave your reception area looking dirty and untidy would you? But that may not be the first impression, chances are your visitor may have already visited the rest rooms and formed their own opinion…Make sure it is a good one!

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