Have a safe, and worry-free, 2015!

Have a safe, and worry-free, 2015!


It’s a new year and you may well be sorting through paperwork, throwing out old files and documents that you no longer need. It makes sense. But it also makes sense to make sure you get rid of that information safely, without putting your business at risk of fraudulent activity.
ID Fraud has been prevalent for a number of years now and thanks to things like the Stop ID Fraud Campaign from Fellowes awareness of the risks, and how to prevent them has grown in recent years enabling us all to take simple steps to help reduce the chances of us being the next victim.
If you think you may have been a victim of ID Fraud, follow these simple steps:
Report the matter to the police immediately. Corporate ID Theft is a criminal matter.
Notify your suppliers, vendors and partners, as well as Companies House. They may also be able to give you advice.
If your customer or client details have been compromised, tell them. If someone has contacted them as a ‘representative’ then this is a strong indicator that this has happened.
Get your company’s credit report and Companies House record and make sure they tally.
Keep a record of all correspondence relating to the corporate ID fraud. You may need it both to protect yourself and for any criminal investigations on your behalf.
Learn from it.

If you had a risk management policy in place, review it. If you didn’t, then get one.

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