The Right Paper For You


Choosing the right paper for your business can often be a tricky and expensive procedure. For those business that are placing a priority upon recycled, economically friendly paper, more often than not we are faced with expensive options that are detrimental to our pockets as well as providing us with a pricey consequence for wanting to take care of the planet. . Rather than becoming paperless entities like the analysts predicted, the demand for paper is consistently prevalent. So where do we begin?

Paper Thickness

The thickness of a paper gives an impression of how your print will feel. If your paper is too thin then it will be floppy and could present sub par standards if you are looking for a professional finish. On the other hand if your choice of paper is too thick then pages can stick together and not open properly. Equally the thickness of some paper can send certain messages. A thick and heavy brochure compared to a thin light one can communicate different things.

Paper Texture

The physical feeling of your paper can also convey different messages, providing a number of different subliminal messages. Whilst a wood fiber material such as a newspaper or a reading book will feel rough and warm to the touch. In comparison a coated paper which has a mineral surface will feel colder providing a more exclusive feel to the user. This surface can also provide a much better finish to printed images whist a rougher surface can provide a much more natural feel and give images a special character and texture.


Depending on your plans for your papers use you will need to consider how fresh you need your paper to be. Whilst you will want an item such as a cookery book to be passed down through generations, a newspaper will need only a few days.

Paper containing wood can find itself falling foul of the yellowing effect depending on the lighting conditions it is exposed to as well as the brightening agents that have been added to the pulp of the wood. If the paper is wood free this yellowing process can be delayed by several decades.

Environmentally Friendly

Caring for the planet is becoming a part of everyday life. Recycling is actively encouraged by governments across the world due to an increased awareness of polluted seas and declining ice caps. We are faced with environmental choices daily and many businesses are opting to include their paper choice as one of them.

Paper has a number of environmentally friendly benefits. it is a recyclable , biodegradable material. As the fiber used in paper is made up of carbon, trees take this up from the atmosphere in the form of carbon dioxide giving back oxygen. This fact makes the fiber within paper a carbon neutral material significantly reducing the carbon footprint of paper.


Overall, buying the right paper for you business can be an arduous procedure. With no regulations to go by we are left to trust suppliers write ups and reviews left by punters. With this in mind we would recommend the HP Everyday. This paper is great value due to its suitability for a wide range of everyday output. It is brighter and whiter than ordinary paper because it is made from 100% eucalyptus pulp that comes from sustainable forests. HP’s rigorous qualification and testing processes ensure high reliability. Retailing with us at £3.65 we price cheaper than Tesco and WH Smith. Furthermore for one month only we are offering 3 reams for the price of 2 or 5 reams for the price of 4 coming to £7.30 and £14.60 respectively! That saves you either 33% or 20% on printer paper. Now that’s a bargain.


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