Printing costs per page inkjet vs laser

Inkjet vs laser – Printing costs per page and how much does it cost to run a printer?

After you buy your printer with inkjet cartridges and get it home you will notice there is no information whatsoever on the boxes stating how many pages you can expect to get from each cartridge.

When you’re looking for a new printer wouldn’t it be nice if this information was printed in plain sight right on the box in bold letters? In this way a customer could make an intelligent decision as to what printer model will best suit his or her needs and what the running costs would be in terms of page yields per cartridge.

On the rare occasion that you do find a page yield figure, it can be very misleading. Let’s say the stated page yield is 300 pages for that cartridge, the consumer automatically thinks, great I’ll get 300 pages. Wrong! You could get just 100 pages or less because, believe it or not, the printer manufacturers are basing these yields on 5% ink coverage on the page, which is ridiculous… See the images below for an examples of page coverages:
5%                                                                                                                10%

20-page-coverage laser vs inkjetGenerally you’re going to be printing pages with 10% to 40% coverage, or even as much as 75% coverage for posters and ads, so expect the quoted cartridge yields to be 2 or 3 times less than stated and factor this into your printing costs. Make sure you do the research on what the actual page yield is so you can match the printer and cartridges to your printing requirements.

We’ve compiled a rough list of budget printer yields and page costs below, which shows you that laser printers (even budget ones) are really the way to go if you print more than 200 per month.

HP XL cartridge = 330 pages / Hp standard cartridge = 150 pages
cost per page color = 8p / cost per page black = 4.5p
Canon XL cartridge = 550 pages / Canon standard cartridge = 180 pages
cost per page color = 7.8p / cost per page black = 6p
Epson XL cartridge = 460 pages / Epson standard cartridge = 175 pages
cost per page color = 10.9p / cost per page black = 5p
Brother laser cartridge = 2500 pages
Cost per page (black) = 2.5p / Cost per page (colour) = 11p
Canon laser cartridge = 2400 pages
Cost per page (black) = 2.5p / Cost per page (colour) = 11p
HP laser cartridge = 2400 pages
Cost per page (black) = 2.6p / Cost per page (colour) = 10p


20%                                                                                40%


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