Brother DCP Inkjet All In One Printer

Brother DCP – J552DW Inkjet All In One Printer

Good quality printing is integral to the efficiency as well as the professionalism of the business. No manager wants their employees sat by the printer for half of their work day waiting for those invoices to be printed off. Equally, no employee wants to be sat twiddling their thumbs wondering when the printer will finally choke out those final few sheets. This is why we are offering,  for a limited period, the  Brother DCP all in one inkjet printer for only £99.99. 

This printer offers a 6.8 cm LCD screen, the ability to print from a memory card as well as the ability to scan to email, image, file & cloud (Facebook, Google Drive, Flikr, Picassa, Dropbox, Evernote, Box & SkyDrive). Not just limited to business’ this printer would be suited in any home providing household capabilities, including social networking capabilities. Easily set up and easily used, this printer is fully accessible for any technophobe. Not only stopping at £99.99, we are offering free delivery as well as one years full maintenance and warranty. Click on the links below to find out more and  order your printer now.  


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