Back To School

With your child’s imminent return to education in September, the sudden rush of their return to education can often flood the last few weeks of August all at once. They need new uniform, haircuts, backpacks, that holiday homework set back in June needs to be completed and of course they need their pencil cases restocked. They might even need new pencil cases! Who knows what might have happened to that thing over the past year. At Swallow Office Supplies we realise that this can be an extremely stressful period so we have spent the last few weeks creating a Back to Schools Catalogue 2014-15.  This succinct brochure is here to cover all of your school supplies needs. Of course we can’t always get it right and may have missed that one pen or notepad out. If so, just pick up the phone and get in touch. You can order over the phone and if your order is over £30 you can even get free delivery straight to your door! Or if you are in the Cardigan area we are located just above Dorothy Perkins. Going back to school is often presented as a challenge. Don’t let it be. We are here to let the Mums put their feet up and the Dads slump into the sofa and crack open a cold one.


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